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Prenatal + Postnatal Classes

The motherhood journey is sacred, and gives women the opportunity to deepen their connection to their body, their children, and to the cycle of life. Our offerings for prenatal + postnatal give moms the opportunity to prepare for the birth of their children, to heal their bodies postpartum, and to connect with other women who are on the same path.

Courses for Moms

The rapid changes a woman's body, mind and soul go through in the nine months leading up to the birth of a child are often unacknowledged by the conventional birthing industry, by our healthcare providers, and often by the us, the new moms. Postpartum care that addresses those dramatic changes, both internally and externally, support for new mothers, and a sisterhood of new moms is often overlooked or hard to find. 

Our community seeks to help fill in those gaps.

Chattahoochee Yoga + Pilates is owned, operated, and staffed with mothers who have been there, tried that, and are using their own experiences to create meaningful classes that address the needs of the new mom's body, mind and soul, and build a community where you are safe to explore, learn, and connect. 

Prenatal Yoga

There are many benefits to practicing yoga while you are pregnant, no matter what type of birth experience you are expecting. Practicing yoga during pregnancy can teach you to reconnect with your body, to deepen your connection to your unborn baby, how to use your breath as a tool for calming yourself down, and to physically prepare your body for the delivery of your baby.

In our Prenatal yoga classes, we focus on poses that build strength and endurance, essentials for labor and delivery.  We also introduce poses that prepare your pelvic floor muscles for birth, practice breathing techniques that can be used during the earlier stages of labor, and practice mindfulness of the present moment, a habit that can be very beneficial during pregnancy and motherhood. We also have a ton of laughs and fun!

Prenatal Yoga is offered as a special 4 week course, limited to 10 moms per session. Register early to ensure your space. Cost is $55 for 4 week course.

Postnatal Pilates

This small group class will utilize the Pilates apparatus to focus on the needs of your postpartum body: Strengthening and releasing tension the core, addressing pelvic floor changes, working through tension in the upper body, and improving posture. Cost is $100 for 4 Week Series, limited to 4 participants per session. Baby friendly classes. 

Core Rehab for Moms
Practicing Yoga with Babies

This 4 week course combines the mental benefits of yoga and physical benefits of pilates to awaken and strengthen the core post-pregnancy. Taught on the mat, this course takes a holistic view of postpartum recovery, taking special care to address imbalances in the postpartum body, recover muscle tone in the abdominals, address pelvic floor issues, alleviate back pain, and develop a new connection with, appreciation for, and relationship to your postpartum body.

Core Rehab for New Moms is offered as a special 4 week course, limited to 10 moms per session. Register early to ensure your space. Open to moms 6 weeks postpartum and beyond (its never too late to recover postpartum, ask our mom's of teens with diastasis recti that has never been addressed...). Cost is $55 for 4 week course.


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