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Chattahoochee Yoga + Pilates offers yoga, barre, and Pilates apparatus and mat group and private classes and in Duluth, Georgia. Our studio on Buford Highway simply welcomes everyone. Whether this will be your first time on your mat, or you have a regular practice, we  are very happy to welcome you to our community. 

We strongly believe that starting or developing a personal yoga or Pilates practice is a unique journey for every individual, therefore we offer a unique approach of offering our services. We emphasize relationship building between our teachers and clients, guiding you deeper into your yoga or Pilates practice, and helping you meet your wellness goals. Our approach allows our teachers to get to know you, to help you develop your individual practice, complimented by the support of our community and other wellness services. We keep our group classes small, so that our teachers can help you continue to develop a safe and healthy practice that best fits your needs.

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Group Mat Classes


Strong, Movement Based Classes

These classes are designed to challenge your body and mind, to unwind tension and create healthier movements, to build strength + stability, and to encourage a deep connection between the mind, body and breath. Most are accessible to all levels.

Heated Power Yoga

This traditional power yoga class is a moderately paced vinyasa flow class designed to move your whole body, increase strength and flexibility, and challenge you mentally and physically. Class is heated between 80 and 90 degrees to deepen the practice and challenge the body. Class is for all levels, but challenging poses and variations will be introduced, as well as modifications.

Heated Yoga for Hip Stability + Mobility

Drawing from traditional yoga series, this CYP signature class focuses on poses that will take the hips through their full range of motion, both stabilizing and mobilizing the hip joint to counteract the effects of sitting and standing for long periods of time. Will also help release tension in the low back and the legs. Room is warmed for deeper stretch. Hips Yoga is all levels.

Heated Yoga for Core Strength

Combining traditional yoga series and pilates mat exercises, this CYP signature class focuses on flowing movements that will deepen your connection with your core and release tension in the low back. Will also help release tension in the hips and the legs. Room is warmed for deeper workout and stretch. Accessible for all levels.

Barre Burn

Our fast paced signature barre class designed to challenge you from head to toe. 

Pilates Mat + Stretch

Combine the strengthening and stabilizing aspects of mat Pilates with the benefits of deep stretching from yoga.

Mindful, Slower Paced Classes

These classes are designed to encourage mindful movement, deepen awareness of the breath and body connection, access and release deep areas of tension, to incorporate more traditional elements of yoga, and to deepen your yoga practice. All are accessible for all levels.

Slow + Steady Flow

This yoga class will open and challenge your body and mind through the combination of slow and steady flow and stillness, accessing the deep benefits of the poses while focusing on meditative movement. An all levels class.

Deep Stretch + Release Yoga

A slow and deep practice, designed to target the deep tissues of your body. Guided breathing will lead you to a deeper sense of mind-body connection.

Gentle Yoga for Back Care

This gentle yoga class addresses common back ailments by emphasizing movement of the spine in all ranges of motion, stretching areas of the back where tension is typically held, and gently building stability in the core.

Yoga for Women's Health

This therapeutic yoga class approaches the hips, pelvis and surrounding areas as the center of our emotional and physical health. We will gently work to unlock tensions, reestablish mobility, and awaken this area of our physical and subtle body while addressing many common women's health issues related to this sacred area. 

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Group Pilates Reformer Classes

Reformer Flow 1

An introductory/beginner level small group Pilates class utilizing the Reformers (max 3 participants).

Reformer Flow 1.5

An beginner/intermediate level small group Pilates class utilizing the Reformers (max 3 participants).

Reformer Flow 2

An intermediate level small group Pilates class utilizing the Reformers (max 3 participants).

Our Group Mat Classes
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Specialty Classes/Courses


Prenatal Yoga

This 4 week series focuses on yoga for pregnancy, birth, and the first few postpartum weeks. Open to expectant moms from conception to birth. Lead by certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher and mom of 4, Katie Karel.

Chair Yoga

Increase your flexibility, mobility, and balance using poses, Tai Chi, and breathing in this class for adults over 65. Currently offered as a 6 week online course.

Yoga 101

This 4 class series will give you an introduction to yoga asanas, breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga philosophy. The intention of this class is to help you develop a safe and confident yoga practice, while providing you with tools and techniques to incorporate yoga into your daily life. 

Absolute Beginner Ballet

Absolute Beginner Ballet is a 4 week course that introduces ballet to students who have never studied ballet before, or returning students who haven’t studied ballet since childhood, or some other stretch of time away from the barre. This 60 minute class starts with barre work then proceeds to the floor, similar to all traditional ballet classes.

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Chattahoochee Yoga + Pilates is a locally owned yoga, barre and Pilates studio in Duluth, Georgia.

Our studio is convenient to Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Johns Creek, Norcross and Peachtree Corners.

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